Faculty of Agriculture

           Presently agriculture is passing through a crucial juncture; on the other hand the food demand is increasing day by day and on the other hand crop productivity supporting basis viz. soil, water, environment, climate are losing their quality due to excessive exploitation and in the want of proper management.
           The Indian population stands at 1.25 billion and it continues to grow. Land resources are being gradually utilised for urbanisation and development of industries and infrastructure, sustainability and management is therefore of vital importance to maintain a peaceful environment within the country. In the context of agricultural development, such a change will have to synchronise with the evolution of existing educational system in agriculture science to meet the requirement of food grains. Change of our strategies to provide food security to our people is not a choice; it has become an urgent necessity.
           As we know that farming is done across the varying situations in the country ranging from entirely rainfed dry land to well irrigated ecosystems. Agriculture is practiced by the farmers not only to meet their domestic needs but also to support their livelihood i.e. meeting their day to day expenditures. Thus the concept of commercial agriculture has become very pertinent in the today's context, if we have to be competitive globally. In commercial agriculture, earning more profit per unit area and time in the major concern of the farmers. It requires selection of suitable crops and other off farm enterprises which are highly market and project driven. In this process, the following problems are being encountered in the existing farming systems.
           o Deterioration in quality of soil and water.
           o Indiscriminate use of inputs both fertilizers and pesticides.
           o Irrational use of water.
           o Sustainability of the system.
           o Declining farm productivity.

           Thus the agriculture is a major source of sustenance and way of life in the country. It sustains the livelihood of more than 650 million people. The rapid development in agriculture leading to food surplus from a food scarcity was possible due to development of effective human resource in agriculture leading to the 'Green Revolution'. In addition to the major source of sustenance, the agriculture sector is playing an important role in ensuring employment generation and economic growth. The effective human resource in agriculture was possible due to the broader outlook of education commission (1948-49) known as Radhakrishnan Commission who realise that being the majority of the people of India live in villages, rural development would be necessary for the development of the country. Thus they made the suggestion of establishing rural universities in the country with a view to provide practical education for development of rural India.
          In addition to agricultural universities, various colleges have contributed a lot in human resource development of agriculture. This human resource developed in agricultural system has been instrumental in agricultural transformations in the country, however it could not keep pace with the rapid technological development taking place globally. There is much demand of quality agriculture graduates in the country for the transformation of agriculture in the country for increasing the productivity and linking the agriculture produce with industries.
           Sri Mahesh Prasad Degree College, associated with University of Lucknow, Lucknow is well established college with good infrastructure facilities running with various degree programmes. The collage is not only equipped with modern teaching facilities like computers and audio-visual aids, it has good farm land for practical training of agriculture graduates in the areas of crop production, horticulture, plant nursery etc. The location of college is unique to provide a close linkage between rural and urban areas. Thus the agricultural graduates from the college will be in great demand for inculcating recent knowledge of agriculture, skill and attitude in youths opting for career in agriculture.

Recognition of B.Sc. (Agriculture) course


Recognition of B.Sc. (Agriculture) from Lucknow Univeristy